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Solazu Technology


Following the high-level approval compliance from the US, Japan, Vietnam with strict quality management with multiple levels, we are capable of providing world-class deliverables.

Solazu Technology

Cost Competitiveness

We have a huge talent resource pool at various sufficient levels & handy skill sets to apply to each of clients’ requirements efficiently and minimize the cost.

Solazu Technology

Responsible & On Time

Solazu function with a moving-forward mindset that lets us head not for problems but for solutions and always working with great commitment to keep things going on track.

Solazu Technology

Global Target

Our staff works at various time zones around the clock and their proficiency in English and Japanese have been helping them to work effectively and get the job done right.

Solazu Technology

Rich Experience

Our heads possess 20 years of hands-on experience in the IT field and can undertake any level of requirement such as system analysis, design, consulting & improvement proposals.

Solazu Technology

Innovative & Scalability

Utilize the strength of personnel across Solazu Holdings Associates Companies, where the culture is always aiming to learn and grow collaboratively, shape the product, company and even industry.