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With our extensive background working in various industries. Solazu can produce the best software for your business designed for your specific needs.


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Solazu works on all the latest technologies. If you’re unsure which tech stack is best for your software, our experts will give you the appropriate recommendations based on your demands.

Like all software, many factors affect the cost and time of developing a custom application, including its complexity and functionality. The Solazu team is more than happy to provide you with an estimation according to your demand. You can contact us here

A face-to-face meeting is not required but discussing with our customers through calls, email, and online chat is the first thing we do to make sure there’s a mutual understanding and agreement before proceeding further.

We apply Agile Scrum development methods to ensure quality & have firm recognition of possible risks & issues early. We have BA, QA, periodic code review rounds & formal procedures to keep the software at its highest quality.

If the off-the-shelf software has the exact features and functions you need then there’s no reason not to go for it. However, from our experience, this is quite rare. Sometimes, we suggest our customers go for a hybrid custom/off-the-shelf approach. The Solazu team is more than glad to help you make the correct decision based on your demands.

It is possible in most cases. It will depend on how much access your company or our team can get from the old system in order to make an analysis and give the appropriate solution.

It is common to pass through 4 basic steps:
1. Project Discovery: define the requirement, architecture, target audience…
2. Wireframe & Design solidify: visualize design into real application.
3. Development: Develop features & functions Post Launch: Maintenance, optimize and operate.
4. Post Launch: Maintenance, optimization and operate
The process may depend on the size of the project, feel free to contact us here to know more about the Solazu process to build your application.

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