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With our extensive background working in various industries. Solazu can produce the best web system for your business designed for your specific needs.


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A web application is a software application with functionality and interactive elements that is accessed through a web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Responsive WebApps are web applications that respond effectively to the behavior of the users and the environment depending on the size of the screen, orientation, and platform.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web applications that can operate both as a web page and mobile app on any device through the use of specific technologies. PWA can deliver native-like user experience, with speedier conversion and cleaner browsing even with a poor Internet connection.

Both PWAs and RWAs serve different purposes and have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to offer a seamless mobile experience you may want to go with progressive web apps and If you’re looking to increase site speed and availability for most users, RWA might be the better choice.

Like all software, many factors affect the cost and time of developing a web application, including its complexity and functionality. The Solazu team is more than happy to provide you with an estimation according to your demand. You can contact us here

Yes, we offer to redesign/redevelop your current web app as well as create a new one. Depending on what you need, we’ll make a detailed analysis of your current software and give you the appropriate recommendations.

Solazu work on all the latest technologies. If you’re unsure which tech stack is best for your software, our experts will give you the appropriate recommendations based on your demands.

It is common to pass through 4 basic steps:
1. Project Discovery: define the requirement, architecture, target audience…
2. Wireframe & Design solidify: visualize design into real application
3. Development: Develop features & functions
4. Post Launch: Maintenance, optimize and operate

You are likely to have in mind what you want to achieve with your web app whether it’s the number of visitors, the session time, revenue, or all of them. They will be the key metrics you measure how your web app performs.

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